Little Folks Gurukulam

About Us

Little Folks Gurukulam

Gurukulam is committed to fostering excellence in education. We firmly believe that teaching is not about knowledge downloads but opening the minds of young learners. We guide them towards learning, comprehensively focusing on the overall development of each student.

Motive of the school

Motive is the reflection of endeavourers of a school trending towards achievements, envisioning for flagship of success and creating milestone for generation.

We ignite mind of champions of tomorrow by the classrooms of today. We believe in complete modesty with others, serving them graciously before self. We, the team intend to convert our scholars into the trend setters of tomorrow.

We pray, We dream, We work in a team.

Gurukulam believes in creating benchmarks and onto the path of success we are thankful to out honorable parents to rely onto our quality.

Our Endeavors to built milestone.

1) School provides a friendly atmosphere, which encourages student to imbibe ethic values.

2) School connects to the joys of childhood, through various value-based activities to nurture young minds for being competitive.

3) School Connects to the taste of tradition, through organizing each and every festival to let every student feel the importance of integrating India.

4) School connects to the soul of Culture, through co-curricular activities, dance &music , which impel student to regain the heritage in an authentic manner.

5) School connects to the laboratory of experiment, through science activities in lab, through creative projects and intereactive session at school Science Park.

6) School connects to the devotion of mankind, through social activities and occasion at school. School persuades the feeling of "ज्ञानार्थ प्रवेश एवं सेवार्थ निकास" among its scholars.

7) We endeavor innovation through our association with prominant through our association with prominent education ancillaries which gives constant exposure to all students to face worldwide in future