Little Folks Gurukulam

Little Folks Gurukulam Calendar (2017 - 2018)

Calendar (2017 - 2018)

No of working days
April 22 Days
May 08 Days
June 04 Days
July 26 Days
August 25 Days
September 20 Days
October 18 Days
November 24 Days
December 23 Days
January 17 Days
February 23 Days
March 07 Days
Parents Teachers Meeting
1 May Monday
29 July Saturday
1 September Friday
7th October Saturday
1st December Friday
20th January Saturday
10th February Saturday
Beginning of New Session Monday 3rd April 17 Beginning of II Term Tuesday 3rd October 17
Open House Meeting Ravi Nagar
Ravi Nagar
31 July’17 Monday
15 January’18 Monday
4th August’17 Friday
23 January’18 Tuesday
4th August’17 Friday
23 January’18 Tuesday
Ravi Nagar / Gurukulam
FA1 to Start from Monday 10th July’17
SA1 to Start from Monday 11th September’17
FA2 to Start from Thursday 14th December’17
SA2 to Start from Wednesday 14th February’18
Report Card distribution
SA1 – Monday 16th October’17
SA2 - Monday 12th March’18
Thursday 15th March’18 Gurukulam
Friday 16th March’18 Ravi Nagar for K.G Section
Saturday 17th March’18 Ravi Nagar for I to VI